Message from the Owner

Working in the electrical industry for some time as both a practising electrician and owner of one of the largest online electrical training centres in the country has really given me great insight into some of the struggles tradespersons find themselves in when running their businesses. Throughout my career, I have been given the opportunity to work with and train many different tradespersons and always hear the same story - ‘one of the most difficult things in running a small business is generating customers’.

Mytradefinder has been built on the idea to give local people access to local trades in their area. The main difference and what sets Mytradefinder apart is our direct approach to registering tradespersons without heavy upfront fees, costly monthly payments or lead generation charges, meaning local businesses can advertise their services in their local area without passing on advertising costs onto their customers.

The business generated from Mytradefinder will on average cost less to local customers than those advertising on other trade directories. Additionally, during these challenging times, we now work and live in, using local tradespersons or businesses is key to helping the local economy thrive.

Mytradefinder has already become the fastest-growing trade directory in the UK, more and more local trades are recognising the benefits of registering with us. Our no-nonsense approach to registering, making profiles available to search quickly and providing direct contact details has made Mytradefinder a favourite choice for consumer searching and local business advertising.  

We look forward to working with you.


Kind Regards, 

Electrician & Owner of Mytradefinder