Getting the garden ready for winter

Monday, 20th September 2021

Tips and advice from MTF


With leaves beginning to fall from the trees it is natures way of telling us it's time to get the garden ready for winter. In fact, those falling leaves actually provide nutrients to next seasons spring buds, so there's no need to rush out to clear them from every corner of the garden. 

Our top five tips on getting the garden ready for winter.


1. Pull up all the dying or dead plants from around the garden, these might have insect or disease problems and if not removed may cause problems for next years bloom. Dying or dead plants should be tossed on the composting heap or placed in the green waste recycling bin.

2. Tidy the paths and paving. Giving the paving a thorough clean with a brush or even better if you have a pressure washer will remove all the unwanted growth from the year. When the winter frosts arrive the paths and paving will be less slippery and safer to walk on. 

3. Lawn enforcement to help your lawn survive the cold frosts of winter. Removing thatch and moss in autumn helps reduce competition and gives healthy grass more room to grow. It also helps minimise moss growth over winter, making it less of a problem in spring. Also, autumn is a great time of the year to patch or replace areas of the lawn with seed or turf, giving plenty of time to establish before next summer. 

4. Clear out that old compost bin, the autumn clear up of borders and vegetable plots always generates a lot of waste plant material for your compost heap. Autumn is the ideal time to clear out last years compost heap and use it around the garden, this way you will be making plenty of space for this year's waste. 

5. Net that pond. Falling leaves play havoc with garden ponds, blocking and filters and pumps. Decaying leaves will also turn your pond water foul, making life for any fish or pond life more uncomfortable.