BESCA helps businesses and individuals within the UK meet the highest industry standards, by ensuring compliance and promoting best practices among its members. BESCA works alongside business in the building and engineering services sector acting as a certification body for competent persons.

The BESCA competent-person scheme is for tradespersons working in the following industries:

Solid fuel
Heating and hot water
Ventilation and air conditioning

Works completed in your home will need to be compliant with the Building Regulations, and some works need approval by the local Building Control Department, this approval can be completed by a registered member of a competent-person scheme such as BESCA.

BESCA members must undergo a thorough competent-person assessment that verifies the member’s compliance with the industry standards, demonstrates their technical competency, academic qualifications, commitment to health and safety and overall customer service.

Additional information about BESCA and how to find an approved member can be found at:

A full list of Competent person schemes authorised by the UK government can be found at:

Mytradefinder encourages all its traders to become accredited with industry recognised associations, such as BESCA. This helps raise standards, improve customer service and promotes best practice.